Many business leaders believe that because they have cyber liability insurance, they are fully protected from cyber threats and the financial consequences of a cyber attack. However, this belief can give them a false sense of cyber security.

While cyber liability insurance can provide important protection in the event of a cyber attack, it is not a complete solution for managing cyber risk. In order to properly protect their businesses and ensure that their insurance policies provide the coverage they need, business leaders must also have a robust cyber security program in place and maintain compliance with the terms of their insurance policies.

This is where the services of North Bridge can be particularly helpful for small businesses. We specialize in helping businesses manage their cyber risk and ensure that they have the proper level of coverage to protect against the financial consequences of a cyber attack. We can also help businesses maintain compliance with their insurance policies and avoid claim denial due to failure to follow or maintain clauses in these types of policies.

It is important for businesses to understand that cyber risk management is a related but altogether separate field of specialty from IT/cyber security and risk management/insurance. By partnering with North Bridge, businesses can have peace of mind knowing that they have the support of a team of experts to help them navigate the complex landscape of cyber security and properly manage their risk.