Many business leaders believe that because they do not store any sensitive data locally, they are fully protected from cyber threats. However, this belief can give them a false sense of cyber security. While storing data in the cloud or on remote servers can provide many benefits in terms of accessibility and security, it does not necessarily eliminate the risk of cyber attacks.

During our risk assessment and review process, North Bridge helps businesses to identify and manage the risk of cyber threats related to sensitive data that is being stored locally. This includes identifying any sensitive data that is being stored locally, such as on laptops, desktops, or other devices, and evaluating the risk of this data being compromised.

We also work with our clients to develop and implement policies and protocols for storing and accessing sensitive data, including guidelines for securing data on local devices. By partnering with North Bridge, our clients can have peace of mind knowing that their sensitive data is secure and that they are taking the necessary steps to protect themselves from cyber threats related to locally stored data.