Third-Party Provider Management

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North Bridge clients enjoy having our expert advice and leadership within reach from anywhere in the world. Our network of providers includes internet services, SaaS, insurance consulting, incident response teams, IT support providers and more.

Third-Party ProviderManagement

Technology support providers often focus on selling as many services and products to their clients as they can to increase profits. Our model focuses on selecting the right service providers for our clients without bias. If you’ve hired a firm to manage your technology, they should be researching and negotiating for solutions on behalf of your business, not theirs. When an MSP or a cybersecurity company has entered into a dealer or distributor agreement with a third-party provider, they are always going to be biased toward those solutions so they can turn a profit. We don’t enter into those types of relationships because we believe our clients deserve to know all options available to them without limiting their options to the providers, we have agreements with. Our recommendations for the types of services below are always a direct relationship between our client and the provider, we simply manage the relationship on behalf of our client. This is the only way to ensure that we’re always focused on client loyalty and not a referral fee or markup on a third-party service contract.

How How We Work

Over the last twelve years, our teams have worked to develop and streamline our IT management and support delivery systems. We continue to build solutions, streamline, and automate operations that keep our clients’ networks stable and safe. Our Centurion Cyber Security and Confidence as a Service™ solutions are co-managed solutions built to be managed concurrently with your internal IT department or a managed IT services provider.

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What is Confidence as a Service™?

Your Technology and Cyber Risk Managed Like Never Before

North Bridge manages our clients’ relationships and services from various IT support providers, insurance providers, and software providers with a holistic technology and cyber risk management approach. We bring all of these solutions together to provide overall management and guidance to our clients, helping them to achieve their cybersecurity and compliance objectives.

Our Confidence as a Service™ offering is designed to provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity and compliance solutions, along with ongoing support and guidance from our team. By managing relationships and services from multiple providers, we can ensure that our clients’ technology and cybersecurity needs are met in a coordinated and effective manner.

Our team works closely with our clients to identify their specific needs and develop a customized solution that is tailored to their business. We provide ongoing support and guidance, helping our clients to navigate the complex cybersecurity and compliance landscape and stay up-to-date with the latest best practices and regulations.

Types of Technology Providers we Manage:

  • IT Support and Managed IT Services
  • Cyber Security Providers
  • Internet Services
  • VoIP Phone Services
  • Printer and Copier Lease and Maintenance
  • SaaS Applications
  • Cloud/Co-Located Servers
  • Structured Cabling
  • Document Management and Data Disposal

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Already have great IT management?

Confidence as a Service™ is a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity and compliance that can be integrated with any IT managed services provider or internal help desk as a co-managed solution. This approach is designed to provide redundancy and fill in the gaps to strengthen or fix existing solution models, helping to improve overall cybersecurity and compliance for businesses of all sizes.

By working in tandem with existing IT support providers, internal help desks, and other solution providers, Confidence as a Service™ can provide a comprehensive solution that takes into account all aspects of cybersecurity and compliance. This co-managed solution helps to ensure that all cybersecurity and compliance needs are met and that there are no gaps or vulnerabilities in the system.

Furthermore, this approach provides an additional layer of security and compliance oversight, helping to improve overall risk management and reduce the risk of cyber threats and data breaches. With Confidence as a Service™, businesses can feel confident that their cybersecurity and compliance needs are being met, without the need for extensive in-house expertise or resources.

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