Many business leaders believe that because they have anti-virus software and other security measures in place, they are fully protected from cyber threats. However, this belief can give them a false sense of cyber security. While anti-virus software and firewalls can provide important protection against certain types of threats, they are not a complete solution for managing cyber risk.

Cyber security is a complex field that requires a holistic approach to risk management. This includes not only technical solutions such as anti-virus software and firewalls, but also policies, procedures, and training to ensure that employees are aware of best practices for protecting sensitive data.

At North Bridge, we specialize in managing the overall risk profile of a business and helping to implement all of the necessary tools and measures to ensure that they are working together to provide the best possible protection. This includes conducting risk assessments, providing recommendations for improving security, and helping businesses maintain compliance with insurance policies and regulatory standards.

By partnering with North Bridge, business leaders can have peace of mind knowing that they have the support of a team of experts to help them navigate the complex landscape of cyber security and properly manage their risk.